What is an EPZ Grounding Grate?

The EPZ Grounding Grate is a one-piece galvanized steel grate used to create an equipotential ground and bonding work zone. EPZ Grounding Grates are positioned on the ground then bonded together with 4/O copper cables and 2 lug brackets, creating an equipotential zone for puller/tensioner sites, and portable substations. A steel channel is also protecting wires and lugs from snapping off. Each corner has 4/O cables with grounding couplers to ensure proper grounding, creating EPZ and work zone safety. Each of the 4 corners of the equipotential zone then attaches to grounding rods. The additional lug areas on EPZ Grounding Grates are for securing grounding cables between stringing equipment and grates. EPZ Grounding Grates are quick and easy to install and bolt together, allowing for easy assembly and removal, while protecting crews from step-potential and Grade 5 fault currents.

Why EPZ Grounding Grates?

According to the Safety, Health and Environmental Program Manual, establishing equipotential zone for puller and tensioner sites are created to protect employees performing wire stringing operations at the puller or tensioner/reel stand location, the equipment should be positioned on an established equipotential work zone.

Grounding and bonding during wire string operations general rules:

  • During stringing wire, tensioning or removing de-energized conductors there is the possibility of the conductor accidentally contacting an energized circuit or receiving a dangerous induced voltage buildup. To further protect the employee from the hazards of the conductor, the conductor being installed or removed shall be grounded or provisions made to insulate or isolate the employee.
  • Prior to stringing parallel to an existing energized transmission line, a competent designation shall be made to ascertain where dangerous induced voltage buildups could occur, particularly during switching and ground fault conditions.
  • When there is a possibility that such dangerous induced voltage may exist, all provisions of equipotential grounding and bonding must be followed.
  • All pulling and tensioning equipment shall be isolated, insulated, and effectively grounded.

EPZ Grounding Grates Cost Savings

  • Re-usable steel grates and cables
  • Lower Trucking Cost - timber mat no longer required
  • Lower Labor Cost - quick and easy to bolt together.  Allows for easy assembly and removal.
  • Safety Purchase - No more temporary products that have to be purchased over and over again for EPZ work safety zone.
  •  EPZ Grates are a one-piece steel galvanized steel grate built to last
  •  Upfront investment will pay dividends for years to come