• 8'x14' All Steel Galvanized Grate
  • 2 hole lug connectors
  • 4/O wire cable connectors
  • Ball Studs and Grounding Cables
  • Made in USA (Patent Pending)


  • Transmission Line Work
  • Distribution Work
  • Substation Work

Description on How to Use:

  • Lay EPZ Grounding Grates on the ground, creating an equipotential work zone
  • Connect grates together with 4/O copper wire
  • Connect ball studs to 4 outer corners of pad (additional ball studs can be used for grounding inside pad) 
  • Drive in grounding rods at each corner
  • Connect cables to grounding rods and ball studs at each corner
  • Grates can be arranged for snubbing line to ground in EPZ Zone
  • Park equipment on grounded grates
  • Ground equipment to grounding rods
  • Bond equipment to grounded grate